2 old friends laughing

Two fat ladies

We’re called two fat ladies, not because we’re fat, because after all, what is fat???  Fat can mean a lot of different things, sometimes it’s seen as a good thing and sometimes not so good but I bet you wouldn’t complain if a big ‘fat’ cheque landing on ya door mat unexpectedly? So come on, let’s stop thinking of fat as the enemy and concentrate more on what we want.

And it’s not because we’re ladies either because quite frankly, we’re not! We’re two friends who have been friends since birth, literally; we weren’t aware of that then or maybe we were and that’s why we’ve become lifelong friends and why we’re here today to share with you our whole food plant based life.

Well, Carmen isn’t aware of that yet but she is on board for sharing in my whole food plant based life style and she does want to lose some weight and up the ante on her health so the first thing I’ll do when I move in with her, is take some before pics.

We are going to share with you our journey to super heath and super fitness and we’re bound to have some big fat laughs along the way so if you’re at all remotely interested in a super healthy, super fun lifestyle then pop in now and again and you might pick up some tips.

I’ve already made a little start on this new lifestyle and you’ll see from the blog posts that it’s going super well, I’m super pleased and yes, I love the word ‘super’; I picked up on it while travelling around India with my super fab American friends and I fell in love with it and adopted it for me so here’s to a super fab few months.

I’m going to transfer over all the posts I’ve been writing while I’ve been waiting to get this site up and running and then I’ll start to post directly on here and when I move down south to live with Carmen in a couple of weeks, our real adventures will begin.

So I’m Neikka, soon you’ll meet Carmen and I hope that if you’ve got anything to share or add to our whole food plant based lifestyle I hope you do, with love ~ we have Love only on this site and I’m sure you’ll get to know us as we go along as I look forward to getting to know you.

For me to you with Love, thank you for popping by.

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